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Vehzx Vehzx7 months ago
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Update 1.0.0 is here, bringing the PVP Arena to the server.

You can access the PVP arena by using the /warp menu.

Or teleport to it directly with /warp pvparena

Vehzx Vehzx7 months ago
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Update 0.1.8 brings the new mob arena to DreamCraft!

Pick from 3 classes:

  • Rogue
  • Tank
  • Ranger

Earn our special arena currency "Nuggets" from playing in the arena, then spend nuggets on rewards ranging from survival blocks & items to crate keys, or you can upgrade your classes to get better gear to help you get further into the arena!

Vehzx Vehzx8 months ago
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Update 0.1.7 brings crossplay to DreamCraft!

That's right, you have friends on bedrock edition, but can't play with them?

Well now you can, check the DreamCraft discord for the crossplay text channel, there you will find a tutorial for each platform, showing you how to connect to DreamCraft from bedrock edition!

Vehzx Vehzx8 months ago
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Update 0.1.5 brings bosses officially to the server.

Alot of issues came up when we initially released bosses, mainly with timed spawning because of how 1.16 handles mob spawning around players.

Happy to announce these issues have been fixed and bosses now spawn in their respective boss rooms.

With 0.1.5 we released two bosses, the Skeleton King and the End King.

Both bosses have high tier items that have a chance to drop on death, along with a plethora of other rewards that can drop on death also.

In coming updates we will be releasing more bosses, some may even come with their own gear sets tha...

Vehzx Vehzx8 months ago
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Hey everyone, today marks the full release of the website.

If you run into any bugs or issues, either report them in the bug report forum, or on our discord by creating a ticket.